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      Chances of emigrating to SA as primary teacher?

      Hi we are looking to emigrate to Aus but I am a primary headteacher. I still teach when needed and have 19 years teaching exp. how realistic is it to get to SA and teach? We started by looking at QL where we have friends but seems primary is no go! Any advice much appreciated.

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      Hi, I would advise that you contact a migration agent, they would do a personal assessment for you to see if you stand a chance of obtaining visa. Your occupation needs to be on the skilled occupation list. I know primary teachers were on it with medium demand at one point, but someone on this site told me they'd been taken off. I was a primary teacher in UK with 12 years experience, and am currently working as a pre-school teacher in Adelaide. Its fair to say that there isn't a high demand, but there is work to had. In the past month or so I have been in contact with 4 other primary teachers coming over.
      Hope that helps a bit.



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