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    Thread: Family kicking off

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      Sending you massive hugs Janice ((()))) - must be so hard for you. (and I'm old enough to be your Mum....)

      Put you and your family first and try not to feel too guilty. Give her time, you may be surprised in a few years time! (or hopefully sooner)
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      Janice and Lorluc....More hugs (((())))
      My sister has never got off her butt to see me even when I lived a 3 hour flight away for the 12 years I was in the UK. She made up her mind she was seeing me the week I was leaving to Australia... but I was so livid she chose the worst moment to come over that I told her she could stay where she was and that was that

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      My sister was very much the same buried her head from the minute we said we were applying 2 months before we were due to leave she said she wanted nothing to do with me or my children ever again and just hoped our new life was a miserable one. Well it certainly has it's ups and downs but we love Adelaide and are sure we have made the right decision. My sister is still trying to cause trouble by emailing my other sister who lives here and saying I have said horrid things about her and her family so now she longer speaks either although all is completely untrue!!!!!
      In between all this my son returned to the UK to!!!! so if still want to be here it must be right x All I can say is sometimes you have to be selfish no matter how hard x
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      How very sad, unfortunately being that selfish she has no idea what she is missing in your family. Keep talking to your dad and keep sending e-mails etc - you never know when she will come round, then you can hold your head up and say - I never stopped trying.

      It can't be easy but I agree with many of the postee's - it is what is right for you, do what you need to do. Invite her to come and reject the place in person!!! - you never know!!

      Good luck with all family issues - mine will be coming when the visa is through - then it might be me posting!!!

      Bec x
      Quote Originally Posted by janice1uk View Post
      My Mum has disowned me and the kids. My Dad has skyped us a couple of time but she leaves the room. I have emailed her photos but she replied back with dont bother sending anymore your no longer my family. It is hard but i have my life and she cant control it so its her loss as far as im concerned.!
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