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      pom in adelaide on reccie

      Hi all

      thought i would drop a post in whilst i am here in lovely adelaide.
      Daughter and i touched down last thursday, and boy what a long flight!!! staying with a friend in greenwith and have been busy ever since.
      All i can say is that we both really love it out here and dont want to go home!
      My friend has a couple of teenage boys who have english friends and they say they love the ozzie way of life and have adapted very quickly, and dont want to live back in the uk, which is a comforting thought.
      i have also met quite a few english people who have recently made the move over and they all say the same thing, its the best thing they have ever done.

      i am really glad that i have come over to see first hand what it is like over here as the info you can get is so priceless, that way will not feel too much like a newee when we come back!!

      well we are off to school for a tour now so catch you all another time.

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      nickey and neill
      hi there,

      thanks for posting about this....

      can you let me know how your 13 year old likes it!

      we are moving over october time but my 13 year old lad still has problems about coming over.

      be glad to know your views......

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      my 13 year old totally loves it here, and doesn't want to go home! we have been luckly in that we are staying with friends as we have been able to go and look at schools etc. becky was really impressed with the school, and so was i. The english kids i have met are all about 13-17 and they all love it here and wouldnt want to go back to uk. the lifestyle here is so outdoors and friendly. kids here can get a job from about 13 years 9 months in places like maccy d's and they love their independence, she cant wait to come back next year and get a job! we will be applying for our visa in march/april so we have a long wait ahead of us but it is so worth it. michelle

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      Glad ita all you hoped it would be.:D

      Look forward to meeting up in Lincoln and hearing all about it first hand.


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      Hi Michelle

      We are from Lincoln too and have been here for 4 months now. You were lucky to escape the earthquake then! Our house which we still have not sold is the only one in our village to have some damage, oh well good job we were insured! Glad you liked it here, we love it too, its good to know where you are coming to also and put your mind at rest that you are doing the right thing! Gina

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      Wow, thanks for dropping in that you can work from age 13yrs 9 mths, our daughter is 14 and has been desperate to work and earn her own money since she was 12!!! Doesn't fancy a newspaper round, I am not keen for her to do paper round either. Do you know if that applies to all shops or just McD's?

      We will be encouraging our 14yr old onto site to chat to others once we have some firm dates to go, its all too distant for her now and doesn't seem real yet. She is a bit reluctant to go and leave friends but keen to embrace Aussie lifestyle and talking to others the same age will help (I hope!!).

      Nice to hear you are enjoying your life in Adelaide.

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      helena bishop
      dear michelle,phil and becky
      Me,husband and three year old daughter going to australia for one month will have about 11 day in adelaide where we would like to move to in next 12 months. glad to hear you had a great time ,is there anything you recommend we should do whilst there. thanks alot helena and family


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