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Hai Lyn

I have recently arrived in adelaide. I am gratuated in india and have B.Ed degree. i went to TRB in south australia.They said first i have to go in for qualification assesment of degrees. and foremost i should have more than 45 days of teacher-student Practicum in teacher practice. In my B.ed mark sheet it is stated that i have undergone teacher student practicum,but it doesnot say that particularly for how many days. the official who counselled me said that unless and untill i get such a type of teaching practice certificate from my institution,i can't get my qualification assessed . is there any other possibility of skiping or going for alternative thing?
and one more doubt is that if i do certificate IV in Training and Assessment or Diplomo in Graduate education, still do i have to show more than 45 days of teacher -student practicum? please help me out. i am in a desperate mood .

with hope
Hi Dhanam,

Yes, you do need to prove that you have 45 days of teaching practice as part of your teaching qualification. My university paperwork did not state this so I had to write to my university in the UK and ask for written proof that my course contained more than 45 days, which it did. If your course did not contain 45 days of teaching practice then you will have to ask the TRB how you can convert your teaching qualification so that it is recognised here in South Australia.

I'm sorry but I don't know about the certificate IV or Graduate Education Diploma as I have never had experience with those qualifications.

Good luck.