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    Thread: Just starting this process, where do we start?

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      Just starting this process, where do we start?

      We have been talking about moving for years and its been the last 12 months that we have seriously considered it. Our good friends emigrated in March and we have decided to do it sooner rather than later.

      My husband is a mechanical fitter at a nuclear power station. We are looking to go for a trip out in January to see if its a possibility. I am actually thinking maybe the money it would cost us as a family (2 adults & 3 children) to go on the trip would be better spent on applying for a visa.

      We don't know where to start really. Not sure what tests & paperwork we would need to submit. Also the costs involved.


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      A trip for 5 of you will be really expensive. Especially in January.

      How important is a reccie to you all? Are your kids younger or older. If younger then I'd say it's not so important for them to see it as younger kids tend to adapt pretty well.

      As for visa application, it won't be cheap. Do you plan to do it yourselves?

      From July 1 this year the visa process is changing so paying out for a reccie when you may not even be invited to apply for a visa seems a bit much.

      Have you read the new visa application process? In all honesty quite a lot of people move without a reccie. Just do your homework and understand its not the UK with sun and the way the city is, it's a lot of suburbs and it's noticeably different to a UK city and suburbs. I think this can be one of the most jarring things in all of the differences to get your head round.

      If you have a spare 10,000 and are invited to apply for a visa and really want to do a reccie then go for it. But I'd Defo wait till you know which way that is going to go before splashing such a huge amount of cash.
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      Some sound advice from Snifter there. If I were you I would sit down with a reliable migration agent and talk it through. Usually they offer a free question and answer session where you can understand your chances of obtaining a visa, the costs that you will incur in doing so and types of visa that would suit you best.

      See an agent, it won't hurt.


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      Sound advice from snifter and ali, the visa process is changing, from July 1st, you will need to fill out an expression of interest in applying for a visa, then wait to be contacted. Unless your rolling in cash I would spend the money on the visa process, its not cheap and has lots of hidden extras like solicitors. Start by having yourselves assessed by a migration agent. We had never been to Adelaide and chose not to reccie, because a) you visit, love the place, then don't get the visa and b) as mentioned above the money is better spent towards visa and move over. Good luck if you go for it.
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      from July 1st, you will need to fill out an expression of interest in applying for a visa, then wait to be contacted
      Not necessarily.
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