Hey all

I thought I woudl share my visa process with you all. I applied for a 176 offshore visa and I am currently in OZ.

To get all the documents together took me about 3 months to contact all ex employers in the UK and get letters from them stating i worked there and my duties.

Skills assesment took 4 weeks (Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors)
IELTS took about 3 weeks to get results.
UK police check took 4 weeks
AFP took 4 weeks.

I obtained UK police check before i lodged, and then as soon as I lodged I went and gor meds done and sent awa for AFP checks.
I got a CO within 2 weeks and all they requested was the AFP check I received it 2 weeks later and got a pre grant the day later.
The lodgement process took exactly 4 weeks to the day.

I would like point out that I didnt use and aganet and it was relativly easy as all I had to do was obtaina ll the info from employers, contact assesing authority and collate and get docuemnts certified, then upload documents to DIAC so if you have the points I would recommend doing it yourself.

The Visa cost me about $4000 approx inc DIAc fee, skills assement IELTS etc.

I now have to leave the country and come back so im going back tot he UK for 2 weeks so that wil cost a bit but overall i have saved a bit soing it myself.