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      sunny nat

      457 visa - everthing that goes with this!

      Hi guys

      I have had a chat with an agent, who says that a 457 sponsored visa is the way to do it as my hubbie is currently self-employed with no qualifications. I was just wondering, with this visa do you pay a lot of money for school fees and healthcare?

      Ta very much

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      An employer sponsered visa is a quick and effective way of gaining Temporary status. It can be hard to find an employer who would be willing to sponsor your hubbie unless he has a very in demand skill such as project management or a mining background. On the whole i reckon it would be hard for a tradesperson to migrate this way. Also, it only gives you temporary status so if you intend on staying beyond 4 years you have to apply for permanent residency.

      Because you have temporary status you are only entitled to Medicare under the reciprocal agreement with the UK, so you still have to pay the diffence between what the Dr charges and what Medicare pay out.

      In terms of schooling you pay the fees just like everyone else.

      Furthermore you are not entitled to any child benefit or family payments.

      Buying a house is more difficult as banks tend to make borrowing for temporary visitors harder and you will need FIRB approval.

      Owning a car is dead easy and you don't have to surrender your UK licence within 3 months.

      And this one's a crippler, if get sacked or elect to leave the job with your sponsor you get 28 days to find another sponsor and process the application or leave the country.

      All that said if you find the right job with the right employer especially one who is willing to sponsor you for Permanent residnecy on a RSMS visa after you arrive it can be a good way to get out here.
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      sunny nat
      Thanks for replying. Gosh, that does sound a bit scary, paying for healthcare, fees etc. Is all of this very expensive? Also, are you renting? My hubby is a double-glazing installer (self-employed) and the agent said that this could go under 'home improvements installer'.

      Have you found your experience positive going on a 457 visa?


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