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      Leanne & Mark

      Anyone been to a Skills Expo???

      We've been invited too (well Mark has, no partners allowed) the Expo at Australia House on 15/16 march.
      It says bring cv, and references and certificates.
      OK well we have the cv, and certs, we have refs in the form of the ones we have been doin for the TRA. but they are not headed or signed, do we use them and just print the company at top, and name on the bottom??

      Any one been to one and know what to expect???

      Mark is panicing slightly.

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      Leanne & Mark
      :v_SPIN: Any one???????????????

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      I'm really interested in this because i confirmed this morning that my husband will be going, he's a heating engineer (plumber).
      Garry was just going to take his CV and certificates because its not an interview just to meet with employers and see what is out there.

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      Don't expect too much! My husband went last year armed with 20 copies of his CV, certificates and references, you name it he had it and no one wanted anything!

      The exhibitors said they couldn't take paperwork as it would get lost in the two days and then back to Aus so it was really down to talking to employers, although they were agents not employers direct and then for him to take their email addresses and get in contact with them later.

      It was billed as talking directly to employers and have interview style chats but it wasn't like this at all.

      Sorry to sound so negative but if you go in with this attitude you can only be surprised rather than dissappointed like us.



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