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We know we all have to validate early but its the actual move i was worrying about with things the way they are over here house sales, jobs etc you can never predict when you will actually be ready - still trying to save like mad - things didnt work out for us very well last time we moved to oz - personal things have happened and now i know where we need to be so i have to try and change the things that made it hard for us to settle last time and one of them was not enough money saved - all this preparation will be worth it though , thanks again all for your help
It may be worth running your case past a registered migration agent - as you may have issues including your eldest child on your visa if he is working, to make sure that you dont have any issues - and can show he is fully dependent on you it would best to get advice. As it can be very hard to get a family member to Austrlalia when not included in the original visa application.

You will need a positive skills assessment and IELTS before you can lodge your EOI. (It is not worth lodging before if you dont meet the requirements as it is only valid for 2 years) 190 visa requires State Sponsorship - most states once you lodge your EOI you can approach the state for sponsorship if approved you will be invited to apply.

Your occupation assessing authority will have a list of people that can certify documents - but a JP or solicitor can.