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      hi there
      we said our goodbyes at home and went to the airport on our own. i am so glad we did as it was stressful enough sorting bags and tickets out, without knowing that people are going to be there when you go through the departure gate.

      i waved goodbye to my mum and went off in the taxi and will honestly say its the hardest and most upsetting thing i have ever done. i cried all the way to sydney , so having people at the airport would have been far worse, least i was a bit distracted for a while.

      but its all down to personal choice, im glad i didnt though.

      my husband and me went out with our friends and had a sort off leaving do, and the girls went into school for a party and went to the local indoor playarea for a few hours.

      whatever you decided it will be hard and upsetting

      good luck

      jo, x

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      The thing is that compared to 50 years ago or more, communication is so much easier today- think how much worse it was for those 10 pound poms- the occasional letter was the best they could hope for.
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      Unhappy Heart breaking

      Yo dudes
      Looking back on all thats gone on over the past 6 months I think the thing that upsets me the most is the saying goodbyes to my family, in fact typing this I have a tear in my eye rembering the hugs and kisses and see you soons.
      We had a big party for family and friends at a local pub about 2 weeks before we left but that just turned into a drunken free for all, but great fun too and amazed to see so many people turn up for it, nice to know you have so many friends. I'd had a works do up in London too, we took over a boat on the Thames and everyone came in Ozzie fancy dress and once again turned into a drunken free for all but great fun and I managed not to fall asleep on the train and wake up in Cambridge again .
      The actual day of departure was awful, we didn't have to leave for Heathrow until about 4pm so my sisters all came round to my mums, where we were living. It was a beautiful hot day and everyone in shorts and tee shirts etc except us who had to dress smart (we was going for the upgrades). The time just flew by and before we knew it the dreaded hour approached and we had to say goodbye to my sisters and their families....I blubbed like a big old baby knowing it would be a while before we saw them again, we got in the car and drove away from where I had lived for the last 45 years knowing it would be a long time before we saw Letchworth again...truly heart breaking.
      My mum followed us down to Heathrow as all 4 cases wouldn't fit in my car, I had arranged to sell my car to a guy I'd worked with at Heathrow so that worked out pretty well, the only trouble being Heathrow on a Sunday evening is basically hell on earth, the usual 1 hour journey taking 2 1/2 so was a bit of a panic on once we got there and my mum was worried about parking etc so asked us if we wanted her to stay or say goodbye there and then. I think because it was so short and sharp it wasn't so bad but its the first time I've seen my Mum cry since my Dad died 20 years ago, it broke my heart I can tell you so thank god she jumped in her car and drove off leaving me to worry about checking in etc and fishing for that elusive upgrade and getting in the standby queue with lots of Dehli and Lagos passengers is all I'll say about that.
      Being on standby is not a guarantee you'll actually fly so the worrying about that took away all the sad thoughts I was having, I don't think having relatives waving you off at the gate is a good thing, especially for the kids and Heathrow is an awful place to be doing that, probably the worst airport in the world and I worked there for 10 years .
      Anyway we eventually got to the gate where we were upgraded and enjoyed a most pleasant flight to Sydney, it was only when we went to catch the Virgin Blue to Adelaide we were informed of the 20KG per person allowance, its 30KG from the UK so be warned if you're not flying direct into ADL....luckily my sweet talking (bullsh**ting) got us away with it and the rest they say is history.
      All I will say from our experience is think about it long and hard, remember Heathrow is a S**thole and not the place to say those last goodbyes and obviously think of the effect it will have on the kids. I hope this is not too long winded, I must admit now I've written it down I do feel a lot better so thank you for letting me do that.
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      You have all really helped me know I have made the right decision. We decided to tell people not to come to Heathrow to see us off, and I have felt like a right miserable old so and so since, thinking I am depriving my friends of their chance to say goodbye. We are having coutless leaving dos and are trying to catch up with as many people as we can before we go so that we feel like we have said goodbye to as many of them as possible. In fact, every weekend between now and when we leave is booked with something or someone, so we really don't get any time to think about being on our own. Still, plenty of time for that once we get to Adelaide eh?

      I hope you all have a safe and trouble free journey down under and we'll hopefully catch up with some of you once we get there.

      Thanks for making me feel like I am "normal" in not wanting to spend 24 hours in tears on a 'plane.

      Traci xx

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      Linn Family



      We have been thinking about this alot and have decided that we are going to have a great big party about 6 weeks before we go just so that the children can have a fab party and so can we.

      We have three boys and our eldest boy Jordan (6) is fascinated with limo's. So we have decided no family whatsoever at the airport. We are going to go to the airport the day before and stay in a hotel. We have also decided to go in style and go by Limo (lucky for us o/h is a self employed mechanic and one of his customers is a limo co). We have decided to make the beginning of our journey an adventure and although we know its a long haul down the road and we will miss everybody tremendoulsy we want to start as we mean to go on.

      Also not sure I could cope with blubbering at the airport.

      Teresa and Chris

      Visa app lodged, medicals, pc sent just waiting for decision!!!!


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