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      Taking the dog

      This is my first time "posting" , so im sorry if this is in the wrong place or this has been asked loads of times before. :oops:

      The wife & I are currently sorting thru the process of trying to move to Oz & are looking at Adelaide.
      The problem is we want to take our pet dog Harvey, a 3 year old staffy.
      We are obviously anxious of putting him thru the stress etc.

      Has anyone out there gone thru this process already & can poss shre their knowledge with us!

      We are worried if it will change the dog at all or even worse, make him ill or even kill him!!! :cry:
      Also what is the qurrantine stations like, are they near Adelaide, can you visit or is it best not to.

      We were even thinking of arranging our arrival to be 30 days after the dogs arrival, so he is none the wiser.

      Any advice on the above would be greatly appreciated.

      And if your on a roll & cant stop typing, please advise us on best places to live in Adelaide, current job situation for Telecom engineers & hairdressers etc etc etc !!!!!!!!!!!

      I have sooo much info from the various websites out there, but the best non biased advice will come from you people out thers .

      Thanking you in advance & thanks for reading

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      I haven't got a dog to bring out myself but others I know have used Airpets which is based near Heathrow and a company called Golden Arrow which is in Wales somewhere, both have been highly recommended.I believe the costs add up to about 1900 or so.

      Hope this helps

      Jen :D

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      Hi there

      we are also in a dilema about taking our 10 year old labrador, he gets tired very easily and doesnt like the heat. The vet said labs only live for about 10-12 years, I feel cruel taking him and guilty leaving him behind, I couldnt leave him in a dogs home. Let me know what you decide.

      Suzi and Matt

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      The Bowmans
      Hi Washo

      We are taking our cats with us, I am worried about putting them through the stress of long flights/quarantine etc but have been reassured that if they are healthy, they should be ok.

      To answer one of your questions, the nearest quarantine centre is in Melbourne and yes, you can visit your pets whilst they are there, but I am undecided on this as a) it's so far from Adelaide and b) think they might be more distressed if they see us and then we have to leave them again.

      It will cost us about 1200 to ship them and then we have to pay the quarantine bill too. I guess everyone has to make a really tough decision about taking their pets and I think the decision has to be the right one for them not us.

      Good luck.


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      Hi deena,

      We are also taking our two cats and as you say the vet has said they are healthy enough to cope with the journey. we have had quotes ranging about the 1200 mark the same as you. But this doesn't cover the flight to Adelaide once the 30day quarantine is finished, do you have a rough guide price for this flight and the procedure e.g do we fetch them from Melbourne or do they come over with a vet?

      we plan to go out towards the end of the year, when are you going?

      Many thanks


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      The Bowmans
      Hi Tina

      We are planning to drive over to Melbourne and pick them up, haven't really thought about flying them in - I think they will have had enough of flying by then! Driving them back isn't ideal but at least it means they can be with us. Let me know if you manage to find a cost for the internal transfer as I would be interested to know what's involved. If I find out, I will let you know.

      We are hoping to be out by the end of the year too - I would say November-ish - fingers crossed! We are going again for another reccie in July, can't wait to get back to Oz.


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      Jackie of Sandy
      Hello All, I live in Reynella East South Australia, run a boarding cattery, I have had a few cats stay that have come from the UK they have all arrived safely and not traumatised, it is quite safe these days, many racehorses fly regularly overseas.

      Suggest you all check out the Australian Quaratine site

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      The Dog!

      Hi ya

      We brought our dog with us to Adelaide and used Jetpets who were very good! We to thought about driving to Melbourne to pick him up from quarrantine but we were assured that he would be better off flying in and getting to us quicker. He is an extremely pampered pet and I thought that he would stress to death but he was looked after in the best way possible and it was me who stressed the most! One thing we were advised to do was to ship him before we came and so that he would be available to us the first week we got here! It was great to see him straight away and he was in the best condition! Also the quarrentine kennels in Melbourne (there are only 2 in Oz, in Sydney and Melbourne, and the Mel is better as it is not so busy) were great and kept us up to speed constantly with how he was, calling us on the mobile daily if we required and generally calming us! Although he was slightly confused the first day or two when he got here, he settled in quickly and is enjoying his new life, swimming in the sea and having so many walks on the beach and we are glad that we brought him to enjoy our new life!
      If you or anyone requires any other info, we run a 'Meet, Greet and Stay' business for all new poms answering questions and being there for them before they get here and when they arrive!
      Hope that we can help!


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      I would've gladly paid a kings ransom to bring my cat over but alas I couldn't, read Chloe's story http://www.geocities.com/apomdownunder/ scroll down to the links and click 'Goodbye to Chloe'.

      I did bring her ashes with me and there doesn't go a day when I don't speak to her, her ashes are in two air-tight containers (one inside the other) which were medically sealed by the vet and are on the shelf in our walk in robe.

      I still have very mixed feeling about making that decision, did I do the right thing? should I have delayed the move to Oz and stayed in UK to nurse her in her final years? I know I made the right decision but I still feel as guilty as hell about it.



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