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      Hello everyone

      This might sound stupid but what things are you shipping over?
      We dont think it will be worth the cost to ship our TV, fridge freezer, beds sofa, childrens bikes etc. They are all about 3 years old and I assume it would be just the same cost to get new.
      The only things I want to take are photos, important documents, special teddies and I think that is all.
      Am I being mad to get rid of everything else?

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      We used Pickfords - they were pretty cheap, it was packed/unpacked very efficiently - but it took 4 months to get here!!

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      We used Whites - really good. Our quote with them was the same as one from Bishops Move in price but Whites included 10 weeks storage at either end. Everything arrived perfectly - I can't say they were the sharpest tools in the box if you get my meaning but they were decent and worked bloody hard. Absolutely non stop except when tea and a choccie biscuit was thrust into their hand.

      We gave them all our booze as a thank you.

      At this end Wridgways were the deliverer and they were great, so helpful when it came to getting our stuff through customs. We used them again when we moved.

      We decided years ago that we would be coming and stopped replacing our furniture a few years ago. We brought only 1 sideboard and the rest was personal effects and clothes. It made perfect sense for us - new life, new start, new furniture etc. However it made it hard to settle as well as although it was exciting there was sooooo much new stuff that it didn't look like our house, if that makes sense. Other people I know brought stuff over and it helped the kids settle seeing familar stuff around them.

      Saying that I would probably still do it all over again in exactly the same way!



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