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      What Adelaide like in terms of housing costs, schools and relaxed living. I have completed an on line assessment and spoken to an agent who suggests and down on points but might be able to get to Adelaide (wanted Brisbane area). ANy help would be greatly appreciated.



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      Welcome to Poms in Adelaide. If you visit www.realestate.com.au, you should be able to get an idea of house prices, searching for what you want.
      Adelaide is a lovely city, near the beach but still has lovely inland areas also. If you search previous posts on here you'll find loads of info.
      I'm sure the Poms already in Oz will help you when they wake up.
      Also visit www.adelaidebound.com as this has loads of info.
      There are photos on this site too, for you to get an idea of what Adelaide looks like.
      Good luck,


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