Dont know if this is public knowledge etc, or if anyone has raised this problem already but....

A right royal cock-up happened...
Apparently State Sponsorship applications that were submitted in the first week of July were screwed up...the systems failed and the applications were NOT lodged.
SA system log in is a new system...if you can log on to the old system you may be able to see if your application went through.

Check if your name is/was missing on the cover sheet of your application - the one you printed off to go with your other documents. (passports/ielts etc). If the cover sheet did not have your name/details on then it's quite likely that your application was not lodged.

Apparently SA systems have not been notifying people.

Skills select - also had problems processing between 4th - 7th of July....skills select are notifying people though.

Hope this helps someone....if its already been resolved - then yippee.