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      so i just fill in the online form and send in all the nescassary docs ?

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      Leanne & Mark
      Hi Yes if your are assesed by Vestasses, you dont need to be assessed by TRA aswell. BUT you really have to go into extreme detail, even to the point where it seems obvious. A builder would need references from all his (or her) jobs, and state all skills and tools used on the job. Even stating 'i used a trough' and what they used it for, you have to explain every thing as if you were talking to a class of 7 yr olds.
      And it has taken us ...aaaages!!

      What is it you do??

      ps I have a 5 yr old Ethan. There seems to be a fair few of them heading to adelaide.
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      hiya i am a graphic designer, so its really wide ranging from finding and meeting clients 2 to managing projects 2 the artwork
      plus i am self employed so im sure that will mean more work , lol but all worth it
      and the son thing , its because ts the best boys name in the world


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      Quote Originally Posted by skellysgirl View Post
      right so i have had a look on the skills list and it has said i have to be assessed by vetassess, is that all i have to do, or do i have to do that and tra
      or is that my actual tra

      No i had to use TRA for my trade you are using vetassess for your trade/proffesion,different departmentsfor different skills trades etc.

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      LOCO IN OZ
      Quote Originally Posted by dave&jacky View Post
      Hi Skellysgirl,
      I have just sent off my TRA and i was told to send as much info as possiable and every page has to be certified by a solicitor/Policeman or such responsiable person,the solicitor charges £5 for the first page and £2 for every other page and i also had to send the same documents for my 457 visa application but you can not photo copy the pages they have to all be original certified i ended up sending over 200 pages but i did a deal with solicitor and he did it all for £300.But i would think you will not have to send anything like as much with yours, because i have been self employed and run my own business they want more info.
      My OH is a self employed electrician, any tips on other evidence etc that you put forward to Tradeassess?
      He has all C&G cert's etc and has run his own business for almost 12 months, we're hoping with that and other qual's in Marketing he should go to the practical stage.

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      LOCO IN OZ
      Quote Originally Posted by Kimbo View Post
      Hey up,

      As far as I know the TRA is for trades - you'd have to check to make sure that your trade is in the list as I don't know the full list. My OH is a carpenter and we are currently going through the TRA!

      Yes you have to pay to get your qualifications/experienced recognised. We will submit all the information - evidence of qualifications, references from employers, photographs to the TRA and they assess it, if they agree its ok then they will put OH through for a practical. Once he passes that then we can apply for the visa!!

      I'm sure I've probably not covered it all, but there will be someone else who will give more information.

      Hope this helps.

      Did you do the Trade assess yourselves? Any problems? Did you need to re send anything or any further info?
      Did you send additional cover letter with info on equipment used etc etc ect.

      Any tips?

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      If its vetassess then its not TRA. We did TRA and that was free (except for the certified copies of stuff which was about 2 each at the solicitors). We are also going on a 475 and expect it to cost 2k for the actual visa!!! Yikes. Better get it!!
      COMPUTER PROBLEMS? PM for cheap rates, no fix = no fee!
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      Sharron & Andrew

      My husband is a bricklayer and has to have a skills assessment through VetAsses. He is also self-employed and this is a list of the documents the agent gave us for submission. I know it may not be the same for all trades but it may give you an idea of what is needed.
      Application Form - 1 original
      SR 2.1 form signed and dated - 1 original
      Passport bio date page - 2 certified copies
      Full Birth Cert with parents details - 2 certified copies
      Two certified passport photos under 6 mionths old - originals
      Reference from Employer who served time with & certificates - 1 original
      Statutory Declaration re self employment and full work history - 2 originals (signed infront of solicitor)
      Statement from Accountant - 1 original
      Statement from IRD re Self employment - 2 certified copies
      Reference from at least three customers - originals
      reference from 3 suppliers re self employment - originals
      A 4 part list of things used in trade (machines, measuring inst, materials, plans etc.) original
      business card from solicitor witnessing documents - 2 originals
      application fee of A$600 paid by credit card.

      Hope this helps

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      Hi everyone and thank you for all the advice, i have realised that vetassess is different and that i am generally just handing in my degree for it to be assessed and recognised as the equivlant qualification
      and that i just need to do the online form and then print off the last page and send that off along with the requested and certified docs
      i don't think that i have to submit any work history or accounts of job description etc

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      As you are insure i would suggest making an apointment (for free) as if you are going to go with an agent which most of them do and they will talk you through the whole process whilst getting you to go with them ...take notes and then decide if you can go it alone.

      The TRA (trades recognition of Australia) is not to be taken lightly and involves alot of work , not saying you cant do it on your own, onto or the form we sent in a further 100 odd pages, good luck Cheers Graham


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