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      Going it alone???

      Hi Guys,

      This has probably been asked on here hundreds of times. We have passed the points test (125) so are looking at a skilled independant visa, but being a nurse money is not oozing in the bank, how difficult is it to process your own application?
      I imagine the forms are straight forward, but looking on the DIMA website its not easy to know what forms need to be filled in. Is there a site that takes you step by step through which forms to download?

      If i could save an extra 3K it would make a big difference to our finances......

      Thanks in advance

      Jim n Angela

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      Hi Angela

      I have been looking into this, reading this forum Poms in Brisbane and Poms in Oz I am getting loads of info. We are really looking at going solo as long as you have enough points and all the relevant docs it seems pretty straight forward. On 1 of the sites they suggested you print the forms of 3 times so that you can get it wrong then on the final 1 everything would be right. I think the most complicated is the TRA then everything you have for that links in to the application.

      Like you say when you are watching the pennies every little helps. We are going on a 136 visas O/H coded welder working for his present employer for 17 years . We have a recruitment agent in Brisbane looking out for vacancies and if the right 1 comes up we would go on a 457 visas along side 136 , basically the 457 is an employer sponsering you but with the 136 running alongside we would get permanant not just temporary residency.

      I have square eyes at the moment all the research I'm doing only been doing it for a month and cause I'm part time find it interesting


      :) :) :)

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      Hi all,

      We did it ourselves and are expecting visa next month when they get our bond so I guess we didn't do anything too wrong 8) . It's really not as hard as you might think, from our experience I'm glad we saved the money.


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      Hi Jim and Angela

      There is loads of info on the DIMIA website and booklets you can download on there to help you out - plus you can always shout out on here, bound to be someone who can help you out with any questions.

      Good luck :lol:

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      We did it all ourselves, both times, SIR and now PR.
      Its pretty straight forward as long as you read and re read all the info.
      Most of the info is personal stuff like names address, family and dates of birth etc also your work quals etc.


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      Hi Liz,

      sorry for being ignorant but what is a PR?

      :lol: :lol: :lol: I am a nurse and it means something totaaly different.


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      Quote Originally Posted by hopefulnurse
      Hi Liz,

      sorry for being ignorant but what is a PR?

      :lol: :lol: :lol: I am a nurse and it means something totaaly different.

      PR is Permanent Residency (or a permanent visa :lol: )

      Something completely different to the abbreviation you use as a nurse I am sure :shock: :lol:

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      Hi Jim and Angela,

      Sorry for the delay in getting back to you we've been out at a Christening today.

      Ian sent of all the stuff for his skills assessment in the summer of 2005, which came back OK in about August time. We then spent a few weeks getting all our documents together.

      We initially got all our info and downloaded forms at the end of 2005 and were planning on sending them off in the new year of 2006, however we then found out we were expecting our third child so everything got put in a drawer and forgotten about for a few months.

      Then in the spring of 2006 we decided to send all our forms of and just add Noahs details once he arrived.

      So to cut a long story short we got all our documents certified and filled in forms. (having downloaded updated versions, they do like to change them just to keep you on your toes)

      We sent of the applications in June 2006 so that Ians skills assessment would still be valid, and received an acknowledgement that they had arrived on 23rd of June.

      We were then contacted by e-mail when we had a case officer and when they wanted our meds( requested Dec 06, done and sent Jan 07).

      We have just sent of our bond so just waiting for visas. Yipee :D

      Phew! that turned in to a bit of a novel sorry :oops:

      Hope it covers what you wanted to know

      Jen :D

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      Hi I am a registered Midwife and I have applied for visa without an agent. I am going for Skilled state nominated visa class 137 which is an independent permanent residency visa. Once you have had your skills assessment back and your letter of determination back from ANMC it is pretty straight forward.

      I sent my visa application 22/2/07 still awaiting an acknowledgement but Australian Postal service have confirmed my application arrived at the ASPC and has been signed for. I know they have a back log in ASPC at moment so I am expecting an acknowledgement in next 21 days.

      AS long as you send everything they ask for on the visa checklist you can't go wrong and I think if you are a nurse or a midiwife the skils assessment is quite straight forward and much easier than a TRA so save your money and don't use an agent. :D :D


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