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      Leanne & Mark

      Front loading on SIR

      Hi Guys Stupid question, but im all of a cuffuffle

      If we were to front load our meds and get them sent in at same time as visa application, i know we have to be there within 12 months of med or pc. (not a prob as want to be there for new school year but running out of time)
      BUT where does this leave as to wen the actual visa starts?? Does it start the day you arrive, or the day it was issued, as obviously on SIR we need to meet requirements for PR. Although we hope we will be working straight away, but you never know!!

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      You have 12 months to activate your visa (I think this 12 months is dated from the date of your medicals, or police check.. cant remember which). Then the 3 year visa is activated the day you enter Australia. We are on an SIR visa too and our 3 years started the day we entered Australia. Hope thsi helps!!
      What area are you looking to settle into?

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      Leanne & Mark

      like the look/ sound of Nourlunga, onkaparinga area...... nr you i suppose!!! LOL


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