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      where do i start??????

      hi people ,rite white im waiting and praying for pathway d to be sorted is there anything i can do in the meantime to get the ball rolling for me as im losing patience and faith at minute or is the first step the tra,,im pretty confident that the new pathway will able me to go but just sick of doing absolutely nowt at minute just like so many people on here will be feeling.the agent phone conversation just advised me to sit tight and think about an nvq2 witch ive already started and its a mine field to be honest as im my own boss,,thanks gaz

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      Sorry I am late replying to this, not sure how it got past me but found it now!!

      In order to get the visa, you must provide at point of submitting the visa application the evidence to claim the points. So if you are saying that you are a teacher (like me) you have to prove the level of education, degree transcripts, details of topics studied for teacher training including how many days on the teaching practice, all certificates, plus references from the school to confirm what I say I do and a statement from the council (employer) to confirm length of service. Phew!!

      What you can do now which may help you cope is making sure you have the documents you should. Find your birth certificate, if you need your marriage certificate and if it applies, your divorce certificate. Have certificates of everyone who will need it. Get your qualifactions found out (GCSEs or equiv) and get copies ordered if you need it. This will cost but it is better than not having them and risking being turned down. You will need certified copies of everything - get multiple of copies of everything. Getting it done in bulk is cheaper, I would have got 6 copies of everything if I had known.

      Listen to your agent. It may be frustrating and annoying, I do know but at the end of the day we use the agents to get us in and that's what we pay them for. They do know what they are doing and although you it may drive you mad, bite your lip!!!


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