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      Quote Originally Posted by caoimhe View Post
      The receptionist at our doc's told us to wait 2 weeks till the blood tests come back
      Kuala Lumpur - 2 hours for the blood test results... 29quid for everything including the courier... crazy isn't it??!!!

      I think trades description act folks should have a word about the word "Great" in Great Britain

      Just a quick question... Did you sit with your doctor to go through Part B of the medical form??? Maybe we got it cheap as they just did it all for us!!!! Maybe we'll have to go back and pay another 29quid for Part B hahaha... I'm sure it's all fine

      Amelia and Fred

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      Hi Traci, Hope all goes well with the move, i bet your running around like a headless chicken at the moment !!!!
      Still not done much clearing out yet ,however one thing i have sorted out is the CD collection. I bought plastic storage boxes with lids to keep them all safe !!! Also OH in the process of coping them all on three ipods. Somethings you just need to take extra care of, i couldn't leave my music behind i get the feeling you guys are the same !!!.

      Where are you settling in Adelaide ? Hold you to the barbie and a glass of red or a few tinnies.

      Keep in touch let me know how it all goes.

      Karen x

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      Quote Originally Posted by caoimhe View Post
      Well we had the meds done 2 days ago so now more waiting:daydreaming:
      Was just wondering (as I have nothing better to do) does anyone know what happens when the meds are sent to Sydney, is it a doctor that checks all the info and decides 'yes' or 'no'
      Have read some say 'meds finalised in Sydney' and just wanted to know what it was
      I know it is probably a stupid question but you may get used to them as being on this forum gives me something to do while we wait

      Thanks all
      Hi Jacqui,
      We had our medicals done on 8th Jan, they were sent off on 24thJan. We had confirmation of our visa on 6th March.
      Laura x


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