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      Advice please

      I will be apply for PR ( from 475) this November, however I have a huge problem, my birth certi & marriage certificate are missing or lost, do anybody know other than these what can be show as a proof of age in Personal details , although I have copies of both, i know they need certified copies of birth & Marriage certi.
      In a big fix...

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      You can get copies of your birth certificate from the register office where you were born. I never had a copy of my full birth certificate but needed it for the application so I just phoned up, paid a small fee and they sent it to me. You could probably do the same for your marriage certificate.

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      As mentioned above, my wife had to get a copy of her birth certificate which was quite cheap and quick to come through. Marriage certificate is held by the church office etc where you got married. I was concerned over ours as it is Italian and we did not have it translated however it was passed without issue.




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