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      medicals and police checks all done

      hi everyone
      Well had medicals done yesterday at Bath,can highly reccomend them if you live in that area,had chest xrays at 9.30am then had a walk round Bath and something to eat before medicals at 2.30pm by which time the results of chest x ray had arrived and all clear for both of us ,little man did not need one,then i went first had to be weighed and measured,then have heart and chest listened to and reflexes checked (little man thought this was hysterecal to see mum and dad hit on the knee and leg fly out and even more hysterical when he had it done on him),then lay on couch and have tummy felt ,then small eye test and look in eyes and ears and throat and lastly a blood test only one they check for for aus is hiv.
      they get sent about a week -10 days later when blood results are in
      then wait for case officer and then visa:)

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      Its good to get that out of the way Karen. Must say it was the thing I wasn't looking forward to with our tribe but the people there were fabby and the kids behaved even though it wasn't a very interesting day out for them.
      Just hoping the flight isn't as stressful as I'm anticipating it will be.

      Hopefully your case officer will come quickly and visa not too far off.


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      nice one...

      all good karen, good to hear your update... fingers crossed we'll be in the same position soon.... do they check for signs of stress??!!



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