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    Thread: 495 or 136??

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      495 or 136??

      Hi everyone!
      Just wanted some advice. I have just had confirmation that SA gov are sponsoring me on my SIR visa. This is great news and I'm happy to proceed to the next bit. However, the mig lawyer I am using has said that it looks as if there will be some changes to the skilled Independant visa (an allocation of an extra 5 points for fluent English and a reduction of pass mark to maybe 115) which would mean that I would qualify for a permanant visa. Has anyone else heard this? I just feel that I have waited so long that I don't really feel like waiting any more!! A perm visa would be good but could mean that I have to wait another 6-8 months.

      Hope this ramble makes sense!!

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      Hi Emma

      I have not heard anything. Go Matilda are always on the ball with changes in the visa world so may be worth checking their site for any new developments - http://www.gomatilda.com/home.cfm

      Had a quick look and could not see anything but maybe they will update it if coming in soon - did your agent say when the changes were coming in?

      Lisa :lol:

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      Yes changes are afoot in July to make the English requisit for non native speakers harder, ie a higher IELTS score. Possible extra points for Native english speakers, but as for the points going down I would expect it either to go UP or stay the same as it has done in recent years.

      OK you could wait and see its entirely upto you. Yes if you get PR from day one there is no uncertainty. However from my view we have had absolutely no probs with SIR and have now applied for PR.

      When the citizenship rules change SIR visa holders will still qualify in 4 years the same as it will take any PR(when the rules change)

      The only thing you do not get on SIR is child Tax credit.

      It also depends on how quickly you want to get to OZ. Bearing in mind that 136 application takes a whole lot longer.

      all the best in your decision


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      Thanks for the replies. I am going to Adelaide next week for a short holiday so I will find out about jobs, etc and see what the feeling is towards employing a teacher with a prov visa. The mig law said that some schools may not want to employ me unless I am on a perm visa? Just not sure. The thought of waiting any longer is driving me mad!!


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      This was also rumoured last July!

      Depends how soon you want to be out there really - we stayed with the SIR and have our visa now.



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