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      Need advice - having a baby or adoption!!!!

      Hi all, I would like some advice if anyone can help - regarding the following dilema if possible... myself and my wife are currently awaiting confirmation of a 495 visa application and would like to know what happens to our visa application if my wife becomes pregnant before or after we have our medicals done or while our application is still being processed. If this would cause a problem with our application - then we would prefer to wait until we arrive in Australia before we have a baby. But then how would this affect our temporary visa status?? And finally if we are unable to have a baby at all and choose to adopt when out in Adelaide, is this something we can do while only on a temporary visa or would we have to wait until we get PR to do so??

      Sorry - thats about a million questions (but any help at all would be welcome). I have tried our agent first, but he was little help really!!!



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      Have seen plenty of others have babies in oz on the SIR visa - you are covered under the reciprocal agreement for healthcare and pregnacy is included although not sure about scans etc. Maybe someone in OZ already knows someone who has been through this.

      I believe if you have a baby in the uk while applying for your visa the baby then needs to be added to your application before going as he/she will also need a visa.

      There is lots of info on adoption here - http://www.adoptions.sa.gov.au/
      Looks as though you have to be a resident though from the quick flick I had through it :lol:

      Good luck with getting the info you need.

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      Hi Paul,

      Can't help you as far as adoption goes but do have some experience of finding out I was pregnant mid application process.

      We just added details of our new baby on to our application by scanning his birth cert and passport and e-mailing it all to DIMMIA it was very easy all info can be found on their web site.

      My son was born before we hand our medicals which meant there was no problem with the X-ray. Be aware pregnancy and x-rays don't necessarily mix, may be worth seeking advice from your GP on this.

      Jen :D



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