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      for those who have or are taking pets to aus

      another question from me.
      we have a westie who will be 14 when we go,we had our mind set on her going at the same time as us and having a month in Sydney while she do's her quaratine and visit her read threads somewhere that this is not always a good idea as when you leave visits its upsetting for you and dog to visit them and go,so now dont know what to do.
      Has anyone sent there dogs on a month ahead so they have done quaratine when you get there?,and how did you find it?,are you glad you did it that way or do you wish you had been there when they did there quarantine?.
      sorry to ramble but stressing about this one as she is old
      also would love to hear experiences of people who have emigrated with older dogs

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      I would advise not visiting.

      We were away for 2wks once and our dogs were in kennels - my sister visited them as we thought this would be a good thing - let them know they weren't forgotten- one of them was so distressed when she left she tried to eat her way out of the kennel - not only doing damage to the kennel but also to herself - was left again in kennels without anyone visiting and she was fine.

      This was our findings on the subject but others may have found it different.

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      pickard family
      Hi Karen,

      Yes it worrying about pets, I brought my dog back from Greece a couple of years ago, and it was alot more difficult getting him here than taking him out. After months of research I used a company http://www.ladyhaye.co.uk and the person I went through was Amanda amanda@ladyhaye.co.uk. They were fantastic, they organised everything, paperwork, crate. Bear in mind he had to go on a five hr boat journey stay in keels in Rhodes for 5 days, visit the vet for an injection so he could get into the UK and then flew via Athens to London, stayed overnight at the airport kennels and then was driven upto me in Stockport.

      They were absolutely brilliant and I could not recommend them enough.

      Hope all goes well let me know how you get on as I will be taking my dogs too, and Shirley is 13.

      Take Care
      Carol x


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