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      Bringing a Puppy back to the UK

      Hi, I would like to bring a puppy dog back with me from Adelaide to the UK, any ideas on quarantine cost etc. Thank you.

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      pickard family
      If the puppy has all the vaccinations etc and rabies blood test it can stay in Adelaide for 6 months and then no need for quarantine in UK. If not will do 6 months in UK, I have done both, first 3 dogs I brought back from Greece did 6 months quarantine and it was awful, I would go and visit them alot. Scooby came 2 years this Summer and did his 6 months with a foster mum in Greece, he then flew back to the UK and was scanned for his microchip at the airport in UK and then freedom.

      Cost - a hell of a lot money which ever way you do it,
      Check on http://www.defra.gov.uk/animalh/quarantine/index.htm government website for all info and I used www.ladyhaye.co.uk for flight back to UK, contact amanda@ladyhaye.co.uk I can't recommend them enough and believe me I spent months into research, and this company wet the extra mile.

      If you need any more help you can e-mail me and I will look into this for you at this end.


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      Well thank you for your help I have found out that you are not allowed to bring a dog back from Australia into the UK until the dog is at least 10 months old among all the other things you mentioned, my friend was offering a puppy for my children as a present.


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