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    Thread: Advice on Crime

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      Unhappy Advice on Crime

      Just wondered if anyone could help?

      I've recently been fishing the internet and I'm a bit worried cause when I enquired about crime in Oz, quite a few sites were suggesting that it is quite bad.

      Having got 2 young children and like most of us using PIA wanting to have a better life and upbringing for them I was wondering if anyone could put my mind at rest.

      I don't expect it to be crime free but the thought of taking my children away from their family and friends to end up somewhere as bad as the UK really bothers me.

      Faye (33), Antony (36), Tayla (7), Jude (3)

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      This is a difficult one to answer as it would depend on the crime levels you are used to in the UK. Different areas and all that!
      There is crime here and to come and expect little or none would be naive.
      It would depend on the area you would live in.
      Here in Hallett cove there is graffit and burn outs, but there is not so much as some other subs I have visited. There are also school gangs in a lot of suburbs, and it would depend on who the members are and where they come from as to the crimes they would commit.
      There are also biker gangs, dont know too much about them but it mainly appears to be drug related or fighting between gangs. There are murders, stabbings and arson attacks. There seems to be less crime here to me, at least there is less crime in my immediate area.
      Hope that helps a bit, sounds like a waffle to me!!

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      Personally tI feel there is a lot less crime here.
      As Sarah says,it depends on where you live now and where you will live here.

      All of our family have felt a lot safer here.:):)


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