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      Driving Licence


      Just a general question of what is the process of driving in Australia after you have arrived. I have read that you have to take another test within 3 months so you can legally drive after that time. If so is it fairly easy or hard like the UK.


      Jen :) :) :)

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      Hi Jen

      as far as we are aware in SA you do not have to re take your test but you do have to surrender your UK licence for an australian one. Rules seem to differ from state to state.


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      Not sure about surrending your UK drivers licence, personally I wouldn't have thought anyone could take that off you as you'd need it if you ever visited UK, I still have mine just remember it MUST have a UK address on it, both mine and Trev's have my mum's home address on them. Your UK drivers licence is valid until the day before your 75th bisthday unless you get a driving ban.

      We did have to take the tick test within 3 months of arriving but I've heard the rules are now different (but don't quote me on that).

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      Thanks for that guys, is it the same for the whole of OZ or just SA.


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      Hi Jen

      I've also read that if you hold a full UK D/L then you can apply for a SA one quite easily & then you have it, I don't think its very expensive either :)

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      We didn't have to surrender our UK drivers licenses, but for some unknown reason they hole punched them. We didn't have to do any driving lessons, but we did have to do the theory test.



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