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      car insurance

      talking of car insurance, I took a letter to Oz with me from my previous insurer stating how many years no claims I had. The company I insured my car with in Oz honoured my no claims and gave me full discount. Some insurers won't though, but some will. Shop around. I found car insurance to be cheaper than in the UK, so I was more than happy.

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      I just asked Trev how much our car insurance is for the Kia, he said it's $370 ish per year fully comp, named driver plus named spouse and includes window cover. Last year our eldest said she wanted to learn to drive so Trev asked how much to add a learner driver and was told no extra cost.

      Our insurance is with Allianz and they honoured our no claims once we had written proof of it.

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      Trev has just said the car insurance might actually be $270 ish, he thinks it's his motorbike that might be $370 ish but without looking at the paperwork (too early to do that) he isn't sure which way round the insurance costs are.

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      blooggy hell - ive had my wife as a named driver for like 15 years cos of the cost of running two cars !!!

      good news and thank you - im sure someone else will be taking the savings from car insurance of us elsehwere in the logistics :cry:


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      The insurance sounds really good Ive just had my renewal 263 and thats with 12y+ no claims I do how ever have 3 points thanks to some little hittler hiding half way down a drive behind a tree on a step ladder :x :x :x :x :x :x still mad after 3years

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      You'll have to watch that right foot here Ali, I drove for 20 year in UK without ever getting so much as a parking ticket, in the 2 1/2 years we've been in Oz I've managed to get 2 speeding tickets. The roads are much much slower here.

      First one caught me doing 71 in a 60 zone (entering the highway), the second clocked me doing 103 in a 90 zone (on the highway).

      I must point out that I don't think these are as bad as they sound as the roads here are KPH not MPH. Both got me 3 points and $150. fine each.

      60KPH = 37MPH so the 71KPH the clocked me doing = 44MPH
      90kph = 55mph SO THE 103KPH they caught me doing = 64MPH

      Not exactly speeding by UK standards is it?

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      sounds about like mine he clocked me doing 34 in a 30 zone :oops: :oops: not another car pearson or house in sight

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      Well i looked into it about car insurance and car prices, they have kia here but i am unsure about the model you want, in south australia you get 3rd party cover in with your regisation.
      they dont have things like MOT and road tax here, i got a cheap car and i got 3 months reg and that comes with 3rd party cover and i only paid $170, as long as you keep the car registered you dont need to worry about RWC (mot) just keep getting it serviced once in a while.
      You still have the choice for car insurance like fully comp but its up to you weather to take extra insurance out , i would get the extra insurance if you get a new car.
      If you go for a make that is in europe expect to pay double the price, e.g the make vauxhal corsa (old shape) goes for about $4,000 here and in uk it goes for 300- 500 quid, vauxhall here is called holden, i think the corsa is called belina or something. if you go for australian makes they are cheaper.

      Please correct me if i am wrong, but i asked at the register office and thats what they informed me when i went to get rego. i was so shocked when they said you only need to pay one fee and thats it.

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      Quote Originally Posted by BJF
      60KPH = 37MPH so the 71KPH the clocked me doing = 44MPH
      90kph = 55mph SO THE 103KPH they caught me doing = 64MPH

      Not exactly speeding by UK standards is it?
      Ok now this is my field. 8) :D

      Playing devils advocate here...

      Most police forces use a 10% plus 2 system to allow for discrepancies in speedos. Which means, if you were 'clocked' at 44mph you were probably going a bit faster than that. Even if you were doing 44mph take off 4.4 and add 2 that would still give you 41.6. 4.6mph still over the limit. If they quoted you at 44mph they probably clocked you at nearer 50mph. :(

      You could agrue that you were not exceeding the limit by loads and I would agree. However there has to be a limit that is the maximum speed allowed otherwise everyone would be filling the courts with people arguing the toss as whether their speed was dangerous. If you don't exceed the limit you can't be prosecuted. If you do you know you can. Speed limits are set for roads no matter how many cars, houses or pedestrians are there at the time they also don't change no matter what time of day it is. If you choose to speed you know the risks.

      Pete takes off devils advocate costume........ The jobsworth little %$& did you for how much? :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :x

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      I was speeding I don't deny that but the roads are so much slower here than in UK and it's hard to readjust my brains conception of speed. My brain still drives in MPH and not KPH.

      I just need to lose a little weight of my rather heavy right foot. lol


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