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      Hi All,

      has any one looked into cars in oz. We currenty have a kia sedona (carnival) and we would quite like another one over there. However does anyone know if a 4x4 would be more suitable. OH is snake(ant, spider,shark,jellyfish etc) phobic so he has no intention of being within sight of any bush land!!! Also any hints on reducing (or allternatively for my enjoyment cranking up :twisted: :twisted: ) his anxiety levels.


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      In UK I drove a Ford Galaxy but they don't have them here in Oz so I opted for a Kia Carnival, I've had it just over 2 years and wouldn't swap it for all the tea in Chine (and I drink a lot of tea :D )

      A 4x4 is great if you intend to go out bush or beach driving but in my opinion for normal use they're not really needed.

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      Hi Di

      how many seats does your kia have? our currently has 7 but I think we have read somwhea you can get them with 8 in oz is this correct?


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      Afternoon Ali,

      My Carnival has 7 seats, 2 front, 2 middle and a solid (all or nothing) back seat, the new Carnivals have 2 front, 3 middle, 3 back (60/40 split).

      The only problem I found (bought mine second hand) was trying to find a manual, not many of them around. Mine is great on fuel, I use it twice a day for the school run plus we do loads of running round on a weekend too and I've found $50. of fuel each week is plenty and Trev hasn't moaned about the cost of insurance either so I guess that must be good also.

      Check out

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      Hi Ali

      We have been really really lucky and have bought a car before we arrive from a lovely couple but you can get lots of info and a guide to what is available and prices on here - http://www.drive.com.au/

      We opted for a 4x4 as want to be able to access all areas :shock: :lol: and I have a bit of a car phobia so feel safer in something a bit more chunky 8)

      Lisa :D

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      HI Again (will try not to rhym this time)

      Have looked at this sight and I love my kia over here to, and will be sad to see it go. We might speak to kia and see if we can part ex over here but collect over there but I guess that might be a little hopefull :? :? . Hope springs eternal though. :roll:


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      shouldn't everyone in adl be driving a falcon or commodore to enter into that age old aussie debate??
      or a magna to be SA patriotic..

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      well magna's have traditionally crap resale value so you can pick a cheaper one up and feel patriotic at the same time!!!
      although i did have one breakdown at Gepps Cross intersection a few years ago (very busy junction) so not absolutely enamoured with them

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      talking of cars whats insurance gonna be like for us - i guess no years claims bonus etc etc like a first timer so is it gonna be hurting my wallet ?


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      You might be surprised with the insurance. We got an online quote for insuring a 4x4 landcruiser in oz and it is less per year than we are paying in the UK for a Rover 420i :lol:

      Nicely surprised - and that was with no no claims.

      Lisa :D


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