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      Help with visa refusal :)

      Hi there, I wonder if anyone cd please help me?
      I have just been refused my application for a 2nd year working holiday visa in austrailia on the grounds that I left the country (went to new zealand for a 5 day holiday) I submitted my app on 3rd October expected response to be back in time for me leaving for holiday on the 16th but I was not aware that not being in australia would be a reason for immigration to refuse it. I checked the status online several times and it stated it was being processed so I assumed it would be ok. I see now that I should have applied to cairns office for a bridging visa that allows travel :( I sent a letter on the 3rd advising I would be leaving for few days and hoped to have a response before I left or while I was away, but assume they have not received it or dont care. It states that i can appeal via MRT does anyone have any idea of my chances and or best route to take as I feel they will just think I am stupid for not taking correct route and possibly not help but Im really hoping its worth a try. Thanks in advance.

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      oh I'm sorry you never got a reply to this.....hope you found out how to appeal it, I gather some appeals are successful but I really don't know enough to advise you. How are you getting on?



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