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      The Pottertons

      Help! Am i being ripped off!

      Hi there. Really need some helpful advice. Have been to a visa agent and signed up although am still in the 14 day cooling off period. They have quoted us about 3500 for their services to include doing all the paperwork for the skills assesment and then the visa application, and also a solicitor to certify documents. Just feel this is quite steep and wondered if anyone had any ideas about the price really. They are a big company and have a good reputation but even so i dont want to be ripped off as things are tight financially as it is. Thanks all. Yvonne.xx

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      I did not use an agent so can not say for sure but don't think you are being ripped off but may be able to get an agent for less, does this include the visa application fees, if so not to bad. People who used agents seemed to have paid anywhere between 1500 and 3500 plus the visa and skills assessment fees and most seem to be happy with the service they got


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      The Pottertons
      Hi Soggy, thanx for the reply. No it doesnt include the application fees or the skills assessment fees. Have seen others say they are paying 300 which seems crazy in comparison to what im paying. Wish we could do the application ourselves but i think it would be too difficult with the new vetassess process. Yx

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      Hi, We paid £2500 + VAT and this didn't include TRA Assessment which was £150 and Application fee which was £900 or medicals which were £600. To be honest all we have had to do is sign paperwork everything else was done for us. Was it worth the money? I'll let you know in April when we get a final decision!!!

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      The Pottertons
      Thanks lisa and good luck!!!

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      Have been to a visa agent and signed up although am still in the 14 day cooling off period.
      Why does the Consumer Credit Act apply to the arrangement? That is not normal for professional services in England and Wales.

      If the 3,500 only includes what you say - ie no TRA fees, no DIAC fees, no meds etc then the price is getting on for approaching double the going rate un the UK if it does not include VAT.

      Registered Migration Agents can now certify the documents themselves, so where and why does the solicitor come in to it, please?

      Best wishes


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      Hi there,

      We paid about 3000 all in. This included everything aside from the meds and police checks. They also gave the guarantee that if we didn't get the visa (apart from something we hadn't declared on the meds or police checks), they would give us a full refund. Not too shabby and the service was excellent.

      Good luck!

      T x

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      We paid 1800 + vat for our agent (tra/diac fees on top), we started our process a year ago and I know a couple on PIA who are just starting the process and have been quoted 4000 for agents fees alone.
      I know it seems a bit steep but they all sound like they have hiked thier prices up, they must know there are so many of us desparate to get out of here

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      pickard family
      Emmigratingexpert.com have just sent me an e-mail quoting approx £300 +vat for a family for their fees, I saw a post which recommended them from another PIA member. Give them a ring see what they say.


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      pickard family
      Hiya Traci,

      Do you mind me asking what visa you have applied for??



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