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      Nursing-experience for visa

      Hi All

      i am hoping someone can help me out here as i am getting conflicting details.

      my OH qualifies in 4 weeks as RMN and has a job lined up but what we are both confused about is does he have to have one years experience as an RMN before we can apply for visa and skills assessment?

      Also have been told that this one years experience is part of the visa requirement (175)

      I ask because i am sure i have read on different threads and sites that newly qualified nurses have gone to oz and have never worked in the Uk as a qualified nurse.
      Desperate for a definate answer as i am going to be so depressed if i have to wait even longer

      thanks in advance

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      Hi there
      It is possible to come over to Australia as a newly qualified nurse, many hospitals recruit staff for their graduate programmes. I would imagine that this would mean you coming on a employer sponsored visa - rather that a skilled independant (don't quote me) as you dont fulfill the criteria for a 175. Have a look on www.britshexpats.com and go on the nurses forum there are people who post on there who would know about the graduate programmes.

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      hi Lindsey

      thanks for that. will check it out now



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