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      fees reimbursement if application for de facto is withdrawn?

      Hi everyone,

      in a few words. I had lodged an application for de facto visa with my australian partner in Feb 2012 onshore. In August I changed my brdiging visa A to a bridging visa B as I had to go back to my country to look after sick relatives for a couple of months. Whilst away,we broke up with my partner ( she actually broke up with me). not filling the required criteria anymore to be granted residency and not having a reason to go back to Australia I contacted DIAC offshore to inquire what to do. they said to get in touch with my processing centre onshore ( melbourne) which i did. i sent an email to tell them we were not anymore a couple.

      My ex partner then got in touch with DIAC in OZ and they said that if she cancels her sponsorship there would be no refund, while if I withdraw my application there would be ground for it.

      I then got in touch with my case officer by email but I can't seem to go through by phone to have a chat ( it s always an answering machine). By email they say withdrawing is not enough for a refund. she tells me I have 28 days to withdraw my application now. so then what are the reasons for being reimbursed? any of you guys know? on what ground can there be a refund of the fees paid when the application was lodged in? Do you know any case where fees for a de facto visa got reimbursed following a relationship breakdown ( keep in mind we still hadn't heard anything from them and no decision was made by DIAC when the break up happened). I hope I am clear enough for anyone to answer

      Many thanks for your answer!!

      Kind regards,

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      Unless there was maladministration by the DIAC you are wasting your time seeking a refund. About the only other ways of having a visa application charge refunded are; the application was unnecessary, the VAC has been paid, but no application was lodged, possibly? if processing has not commenced, or the death of the visa applicant.

      I am managing a case in which the sponsor died of old age while waiting for an application to be processed. I have been instructed to seek a refund of the VAC, which I shall do when I have the relevant documents.
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