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      Anyone else lodged an online visa application?

      Just wondering if anyone else, like us, has lodged an e application for a visa. Do you get the news of your visa by e mail or by post?

      Also, the site we go to to check the progress of our e application hasn't updated our details for ages which is annoying, even though they have had things like passport photo of our new baby, copy of passport page and birth certificate for ages (e mail sent to acknowledge receipt of these).
      Are your details always fully updated on this web page before your visa is issued, or can your visa just be issued anyway?

      I know our visa application has not been a 'standard case' as we had a baby in January who had to be added to our visa, have a medical and then I had to have my chest x ray which I could not have back in November when my husband had his, due to me being pregnant.
      They have had my chest x ray and our new baby's medical for almost four weeks now and our details have still not been updated on the system.

      Sorry to sound so woffly!! Just feeling a bit frustrated!!

      We have had a case officer since early December.

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      Leanne & Mark
      I dont really know the answer to your question but it sounds like you'll just get your visa if they have confirmed they've got all meds n stuff.


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