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      189 or 190 visa, also does my husband need ielts as 2nd applicant?

      hi, as ive posted my husband and I re starting the visa process after the new year, we are not using an agent and i think i have a pretty goodidea of what order things should be done, ie ielts, skills assesment (nurse) etc.
      im only unsure as to what visa to apply for 189 independant PR or 190 state sponsered PR. If I score 7s in my ielts then il have 60 points if i score more then il get the additional points from that, with only 60 points am i best going for independant or state sponsered?

      Im aware as a nurse that i must do the academic ielts howeve im unsure if my husband also needs to do the basic ielts? and what score he needs?
      He is originally from Turkey therefore english is his second language. He has only recently became a UK citizen and obtained his UK passport, he has no school qualifications. He has lived in th UK with myself for 7 years and his english is excellent.


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      If he has a UK passport he wont need the IELTS.

      You will need the academic IELTS for ANMC, but could do general test for visa application if required more points.

      With only 60 points it may be better to looking in to getting State Nomination, if approved you will automatically be invited.



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