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      Finally ready to apply and now pregnant with number 3! Is everything ruined?

      Hi, first post here however I've used this site and many others to gain a lot of information the last couple of years, as the title states, my husband and I have been looking into emigrating to adelaide for the last 2 years, we have a good chunk of what savings we wanted, I passed my ielts have completed my skills assessment and was finally ready to apply for SS and our 190 PR visa.

      We have 2 children 8 and 3 and now I have unexpectedly found out I am pregnant with number 3. I am so stressed that everything is now ruined as much as I feel blessed to have this baby.

      I am a nurse and our plans were for us to live on one income only in Adelaide until my husband found something part time or casual to fit around my days off.
      We have researched loads and had a good budget for how we plan to live on one income, not living the life of luxury but being comfortable to our standards.

      I am hoping for a salary starting approx 70k minus any shift allowance etc and we felt that we could live comfortable on that if my husband couldn't get work, I've read on numerous forums of families living on similar budgets and managing fine.

      Now my huge worry is will an extra baby make much difference to our plans? Worst possible outcome we have to delay applying for at least a year that way baby is almost 2 when we move over, 2 older kids at school and husband staying at home for childcare reasons until little one attends per-school, then school, this is what we would have been doing if we moved next year as our second child would have only been 4 so still not at school.

      I know it's only one extra child but we all know how expensive these little people can be. As stated we had already planned how we would manage on my income only.

      Looking for honest advice, be as blunt as you feel you need to.
      Are we best delaying things for several more years until the new baby is almost school age so my husband can possibly work too?
      Is it even possible for us to live on one nurses salary with 3 kids?

      We don't lead a high standard life here, we live in a rented home have used cars, get by like an average family, occasional family trip out here and there and wouldn't be expecting much more in Adelaide.

      I have ranted a bit here but this has been completely unexpected.

      Thankyou for reading.

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      Good honest post - personally I would think that if you can get by in the UK on one salary then you have as much chance of getting by here. I know of many families who live well on a salary far less than $70,000 but equally I could introduce you to families who can't survive on $100,000 plus. Honestly, I think it's down to you and how determined you are to make it work.


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      The hardest thing is going to be getting the visa. I think I'm right in saying that you will need a medical for a PR visa, but you will not be able to do the medical while pregnant because it involves an xray, so your application will have to be put on hold until your baby is born. I can't offer advice on whether it is best to apply now and allow the application to go on hold or wait until after having the baby then apply as I have no knowledge of this area. However, I wouldn't worry too much about how you would manage on your salary once over here with an extra baby. If you want to do it you will make it work. On a PR visa you get family assistance from centrelink which helps. You will get a bit extra from centrelink for three kids rather than two and you get even more if one parent doesn't work at all during the tax year. And if you both do work, providing you are both working more than 30 hours a fortnight you will get help with the childcare costs as well.

      Good luck whatever you decide.

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      Finally ready to apply and now pregnant with number 3! Is everything ruined?

      The X-ray is down to the doctor on the day, they only want a chest X-ray and can provide protection for the baby. Some docs will, others won't, but talk to clinic when making appointment.

      Upshot is, if you want to come to Oz, no time is perfect, if you wait then the other kids will be at important school decisions, etc.

      That said, emigrating is very hard, it is stressful. A lot will depend on how you feel about family, our last kid was born overseas, my wife had no great desire to be close to mum/sisters,etc for the birth (it was our fourth, may be different if it is your first!)

      At the end of the day you need to be practical, after having the baby, you may not want to rush into a new job in a few weeks, staying in the UK you will have maternity benefits, you won't in Oz, so you will need to work ASAP after you land.



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