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      I am in adelaide on a tourist visa, can i change my visa as i hope to stay longer??

      Hi, my name is ruairi magee. I am 32 years old. I am an Irish citizen, currently living in adelaide with my de facto partner (of 2 1/2 years) in adelaide. I am on a tourist/travel visa which expires in November. My partner Caroline is on a sponsored 2 year work visa as a nurse. I was wondering is it possible to apply for another visa while here ie. a partner visa or a sponsored work visa? I too am a nurse with 6 years experience. She is an Irish citizen also and not a permanent resident of Australia. I now hope to stay longer than i had originally planned.

      Kind regards

      ruairi magee

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      Hello and welcome.

      I'm not sure if there is anyone on here who could help. I hope so.

      In the meantime I suggest you sign up and post this on our sister site Poms In Oz, in the Migration forum there. Its a bigger busier forum and has lots of people posting who've done all sorts with visa applications or possibly been in a similar situation. I am not sure if you applied for a partner visa if you would have any work rights (if you are currently on a tourist visa) and the onshore is much longer to process (about 13 months atm) and cost wise its a lot.


      There is also a thread for nurses on there. You could possibly apply for a visa for yourself based on your nursing qualifications.

      I am sure over on Poms in Oz you'd get some good feedback from some of our more knowledgable members (in the field of migration). We also suggest people contact a decent migration agent if their case is tricky (which yours might be). Go Matilda is a good starting point.



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