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      Quote Originally Posted by stufi1997 View Post
      Actually the allowance for temp visa has been a bit of a debate forever,but the aussie gov. has written to all the major air company's validating that it's still a migration visa and therefor should be treated the same as a perm res with the same 40kg allowance. I think you can access it thruogh the official au. site. We phoned about it and although we're not over yet they said it should be alright.???? i guess we'll soon find out.!!!!
      Do you have any more detail on this? Is it only for Brits? I actually asked Air New Zealand about this, and they said they offer nothing extra for persons migrating.
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      In terms of paperwork it's certainly worth bringing proof of no claims for when you get car insurance here. I also brought over all my last bills/payment details in case there are any loose ends to tie up. The list you posted is pretty thorough.

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      Bex & Nick
      just a thought - could you scan your documents to PDF and save onto a disk? that's what we did and only brought a few v. essential original documents. the rest travelled by boat.

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      We too have scanned docs into an external harddrive....but only the really important ones.... just in case anything should happen!

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      Quote Originally Posted by Beth&Martin View Post
      A question, one that has no doubt been asked before, but having looked around I can't find any reference to it.

      It's three questions in one really:

      I have read on here before that there are varying weight restrictions for your luggage, some people getting 20kg, some 30 and some even 40kg. I assume that's for your clothes and such. What I was wondering was what weight have people got for their hand luggage. We are thinking of going with Singapore Airlines.

      The second part of the question is; do you take all your documents you are going to need upon arrival in Oz in your hand luggage because if you put them in the container with your furniture etc you wouldn't be able to access them until the container was delivered to you a few weeks later, would you?

      I thought about taking the following documents in the hand luggage, but if anybody can think of some more, could you let me know?
      • Passport (of course)
      • CV and job references
      • qualification certificates
      • birth certificate
      • Marriage / divorce certificates
      • Last mortage statement
      • Bank account statement
      • credit references from bank / building society
      • car insurance proof of no claims discount
      • P45 from old employer
      • Medical records
      • Dentist records
      • Driving licence
      I'm sure there are some i've not even thought about.

      If you do take these in your hand luggage there's not going to be much room for anything else and it might be a bit weighty.

      Thanks in advance. :)
      hi there

      i took details of my house that i sold in the uk, the estate agents particulars, as well as the last 4 years mortgage statements so when i rented they could see what house i had and that i hadnt fallen behind with any mortgage payments. i also took photocopies of passports,birth and marriage certificate and my other half had the copies, incase anything happened to my hand luggage!! i didnt take dentist or doctors records as they were going to charge me too much.

      in the container i put details such as pension and life assurances. however, ever the organised i gave my mum and my mother in law copies of all our life assurance poilicys, pension details, wills and copies of passports,birth and marriage certificates. i also made my mum a third party on my bank account so she can operate it from the uk.

      also i think if you have a will it is only valid for 6 months unde australian law, but dont quote me on it. i just know we are going to try and sort another one out.

      i did take a years worth of electricity,gas,phone.water and council tax bills but i havent had to produce them to get connected. however i bet if i hadnt bought them i would have to have produced them

      glad i took the no claims proof for the car though as i got full no claims given to me straight away no questions asked which was great.

      hope that helps
      jojo x

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      hi there
      great thread, not been asked for a while - nice to have something different to chat about.

      Best advice we were ever given, was GET REFERENCES from people with standing in the local community - police, civil servants, teachers etc, who had visited your house and could provide a reference to say that the house was well kept, gardens maintained and so on because in a tight rental market, anything which puts you head and shoulders in front of other applicants will help. Our agent was very impressed with our references, along with our house sales particulars (already mentioned) and a recent bank statement/cash point slip (that day) to prove you have enough money in the bank to cover the rent each week.

      And then just ditto what everyone else has said really.

      All the best for now, hope it helps

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      Thanks everyone for your information so far; it's been helpful. That's one of my questions answered. All the information has been transferred into my "Oz little black book of information" . :GEEK: If anybody has still got further info regarding this, please keep it coming, I'm like a sponge, will soak it all up. Every little helps, as they say.



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