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      Vetassess Electrician


      just thought i'd post this as I arrived in adelaide a few weeks ago and feel the need to inform any sparkies that are coming to australia through the vetassess process, i just wish i'd have known before arriving.

      This is not intended to put anyone off coming to australia, but i think you need to know what to expect when you arrive, especially if you are bringing a family.

      I passed the practical assessment in birmingham in december and iam now here in adelaide australia. I got 100% in the practical, and was led to believe that the new process is set up so you do most of the work in the uk with only the wiring rules to do when you arrive. How wrong was I!!!!!!. I went to the SA licensing offices in adelaide with my OTSR and to my shock and disbelief they had never heard of Vetassess!!. They informed me I needed a TRA certificate and the wiring rules to apply for an A Licence. They said they would look into this and get back to me, which they didn't. I went back a week later and had the exact same response!!. This time i managed to speak to a supervisor who said that she had just spoken to the TRA and that they were still excepting applications. I informed that the process changed last september!!!!. Basically the upshot of all this is that the process changed SEVEN months ago but nothing as been put into place yet!!!!!!.

      They offered me a C licence in the interim which is basically a 1st year apprentince!! I politely turned this down. Meanwhile I have been in touch with vetassess who have been apologetic. They said that i have arrived too soon to which i informed them it was seven months since you changed the process!!

      They have now informed me that i have to go back to college to do the following courses at my own expense. (I passed all modules in the practical assessment in Birmingham, except wiring rules)

      AS/NZ Wiring rules = $1150 (including books and studying at PEER TEC)
      Occupational Health & Safety
      Electrical Safe Working
      Electrical Installation-protectice methods & devices
      Electrical Installation-design & equipment
      Electrical Installation-testing and verification

      Now i haven't put the cost of the other courses because not to my amazement none of these courses have been set up yet!!
      As a rough guess, I would estimate about $600 each. SA licensing body in the meantime got back in touch with me and offered me a b licence which is the equivalent of a third or fourth year apprentice. - As well as doing the above courses, you will need to gain 12 months work experience before you can apply for an A licence (an A licence is the licence you need to be earning full wages, most employers (nearly all) ask for an A licence! i.e, with a B licence you will be on less money (apprentice wages) whilst financing the above courses and if you have a family supporting them.

      All the jobs that are advertised here ask for an A-licence and employers want you to be unsupervised. This is particularly difficult to go to interviews and advise potential employers that I have a B licence when I'm up against other migrants who've been through the TRA process and now have an A-licence - as all you needed to do if you had a TRA certficate was to do the wiring rules. Also if you are wanting to do alarms and data work or work for yourself you will have to go back to college to do a licence for each one of these.

      I am now waiting for these courses to be set up. Hope this helps

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      Hi twig, just read your letter and it has shocked me as we are in the process of applying for our visa's .I am an electrician( domestic mainly) and we were told I had to do the vetassess practical and then I would be recognised as competant in my field. I will show your letter to my agent as they are local to where we live and see their response. Thanks for the info.

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      The Waite Family
      On Monday we are going to have all our docs certified and send them off to Vetassess (hubby an electrician)

      This post has really worried us

      Is this a waste of time? Its also going to cost 2200 AUD.

      Will hubs have to go through TRA aswell? We are well confused.

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      That is really scary given that the assessment agencies are meant to know what is happening. I also find it incredible that they change the system and then, once you arrive, you have to effectively re-qualify!
      It does make you wonder that for all the planning and research you do, you cannot plan for the unexpected. I really feel for you and hope that you can get it sorted an minimal expense to yourself.


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