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      Minimum Total Funds Requirement for SS 190 Visa


      Sorry if this has previously been covered, I've searched and cannot find anything.

      SA Immigration state here that for myself, my wife and 2 kids that we are required to have $40,000 total funds.

      My question is do they actually check that you have the full $40k or have people gone over with less at all. The eligibility requirements page does state:

      Evidence of financial capacity is not required. However, Immigration SA reserves the right to seek additional information or evidence at a later stage if necessary.
      I am really just curious in case we don't raise as much from our house sale as we are hoping for.

      Many Thanks.


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      Hi Jason,
      I too was concerned when I was alerted to that requirement, especially as at the time we only had just under that amount, as we only have our savings (as we're not selling our property). However, I was told by a reputable source that they only randomly check & I've asked several friends/colleagues who have over the years moved there & none of them have ever been asked to provide evidence.
      I'm guessing that as strict as they are, as long as you're not way under and have definate means of income once there, you should be ok.
      But please update the post should you find out otherwise & I'll do the same too (& continue saving like mad!!! lol).

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