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      Please help with AFP checks

      I need to apply for my partners and my Australian federal police checks this week, The fee is $42 each, I need to send the completed app to canberra. I am in the UK so how do i pay??

      You cant send a cheaque as it will be from a uk bank, you cant obviously send cash, I want to pay by credit card but how do i get my card details to them without sending them throught the post to australia, which i am not doing.

      Please help me hopefully some one has done this recently and the solution is simple as i want to do it ASAP.

      cheers guys

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      I am not sure.

      You may be better posting and asking this over on Poms in Oz. Its a busier forum and more people do this sort of thing and have posted or will be able to tell you what they've done.




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