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      state sponsorship in sa

      Hi guys,just about to apply for state sponsorship,any suggestions for demonstrating commitment to sa.do you have to complete some big long lengthy essay.do you have to include some evidence

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      Hello there, its the quality of your answers more than quantity. You are required to outline your reasons for choosing SA with a maximum of 200 words per reason. I would recommend doing some research about SA & what it has to offer & demonstrate how this appeals to you & your family & name a few places or events to demonstarte your knowledge of SA. You need to convince them that you have chosen SA for appropriate and justifiable reasons, not just because it was recommended by someone or you that saw it on the tv & thought lets go there!! For example when I completed mine, I put about our huge interest in outdoor activities, walking, hiking, cycling etc & how the climate of SA is appealing to us to be able to enjoy the outdoors & allow the opportunity to explore new interests like surfing etc. And how appreciative we would be of the excellent variety of art, cultural & lifestyle events that are available in SA such as the food & wine festivals, their heritge & art gallaries, zoos & wildlfie parks, etc. Hope this is useful & good luck.

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