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    Thread: We got OAA

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      We are hoping to move to Adelaide in the next couple of months, but are still awaiting our visa which we should hopefully get any day now.

      We are interested in applying for OAA. Our question is, can you apply for it before you actually get your visa, or do you have to wait until you have got your visa?


      Jan ’07 – Decided we wanted to go and live in Australia!
      Feb ’07 – Teaching skills assessment sent off.
      Apr ’07 – Teaching skills approved.

      May 21st ’07 – Applied for South Australia sponsorship online.
      July 12th ’07 – Received sponsorship from South Australia.
      July 20th ’07 – Online visa application sent off.
      Oct 30th ’07 – Case officer allocated.
      Nov 20th ’07 – Medicals done and police checks sent.
      Feb 18th ’08 – Medical done for our new baby.
      Awaiting our visa ………………………………………………..
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      ohhhh I don't know that one Sarah.
      You certainly have to have your flights booked as they want a flight no. on the booking form. You can only book 6 weeks in advance and they only let you know 3 weeks befor you fly so I guess it might be advisable to wait for your visa.

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      Hi, you know you said that you have to give 6 weeks notice and they let you know 3 weeks before you fly, is that 3 weeks in the 6 weeks or in total 9 weeks, we have our visa and havn't booked flights yet but were hoping to fly around mid May and use the OAA, we are booking the flights on 4 April, for mid May are we too late to use this service?

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      No I think it is 3 weeks before you travel so just 6 weeks in total.

      We applied, heard back we had got it, and then were asked to confirm 10 days before arrival that we still wanted it. When we did that we were given the address but it was very last minute and quite stressful.

      In hindsight, I should have booked something like the properties GuzzlerandSas, Roo and Tyke have but I didn't. Never mind...


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      Thanks for that Libby, I'll have to book those flights!



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