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      Genaral Questions

      Hi Guys
      Can anyone answer the following having a blonde day! well out of a bottle blonde lol :lol: :lol:

      1. What is required for proof of English, is it enough that we are all
      English born and breed and all Education took in UK?

      2. How do we pay for the application? Can it paid by credit card of does
      it have to be by specific cheque for $300AUD?

      3. When it is sent by Courier do we send it to the Adelaide office and if
      so do you have any couriers you would recommended.

      As we are doing it for ourselves just wonder if anyone has the answers


      Jen :) :)

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      I think i can help on a couple of answers....

      1) It will be enough that you are a native english speaker.

      2) Is this fee for the TRA.... thats $300AUD.... i paid mine by bankers draft.... we are using an agent and he said thats the easiest way.... and they dont accept credit cards for the TRA. On the main application....around 790 i believe.... they will accept a card.

      3) Not really sure on this as our agent sent ours...! Anyone else!?!

      Dan and Steph
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      Yes they do accept a card on main app as long as it's a Credit Card.

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      We paid our application fee on credit card theres a section on the form for your details. As far as sending it we just used royal mail international signed for.

      Jen :D

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      Hi Jen

      1) we did not have to prove anything about being english

      2) we have an agency & all payments were done by credit card, except their fee that was direct debit & pricey :cry: but worth it so far 8)

      3) the agency sorted everything. We did have to use a courier for our medicals & this was sorted by the docs receptionist. We got a tracking no & its cost 15

      Good luck

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      Hi Jen

      We are also doing the TRA ourselves and are just at the point of posting! - Boy, has it taken some doing, but we have got there!

      Anyway, as far as paying for the TRA goes, we went to our bank and asked for a foreign draft for 300 AUD and they sent us the cheque in the post which we can just send with our TRA. They charged us 15 for the privilege!!!

      I am sending the application by international post where you can track it every step of the way.

      I thought I would get this TRA out of the way first before worrying about the visa application !!!!

      Good luck, if there is anything else I can help with, just post on here or pm me.


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      Nearly there with the TRA just got to get letter from husbands employer and then get 1 statuory dec done for previous employer and everything certified. Hopefully the next 2 weeks and while thats happening get application together printed everything off, photocopied everything just need to get it certified going to get divorce papers and marriage certificates tomorrow as we have both been married before. Once our TRA back we can apply for jobs and maybe go on a 457 while our 136 is being processed. We are lucky cause we have no house to sell did that last year and are in rented only have to give a month. i am enjoying doing it and everyone is so helpful .


      Jen xx



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