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      Holiday,then apply for a student visa without leaving Adelaide

      If me and OH ever get to Aderlaide on a 475 visa my son will need to go to.
      He was going on a student visa and pay for two years study in I T. Thats fine but he has to book in advance and they seem to be all over SA.
      Problem is where i live depends on where i find work. Could he come on some other type of visa or Holiday for 6 months and then whilst there apply for a student visa to start his study so it gives me time to find work then he can find the nearest place to study.


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      Your son could come over on a 3 month visitor's visa or a 12 month working holiday visa. Whether he can apply for a student visa while in the country is something I don't know. It would probably be best to ring DIMA regarding this. My husband studies IT in Adelaide so let me know if you want any information on that.

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