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      crisis of confidence

      Hi all

      hope your night is going better than ours. We are currently douting all our rational and research. My in-laws/out laws have picked tonight to turn the emotional thumb screws and really upset the OH.

      So in the intrests of trying to reassure him can any one tell us if they know how to get details about the suburbs in Adelaide and travel times into the center.

      Also does anyone have any info on the job situation for accountants!!!

      Has anyone else had to deal with this sort of family problems??. Mine are understandably upset but trying to be supportive at present. Morgans have always been more challenging and looks like they arnt going to change . His brother moved to france when he go married to get away for a while and even I can accep that on this basis Australia might be classified as a bit of an extreme reaction. :? :? :?



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      Hi Ali

      Can't answer any of you questions but I was 17 yrs of age when Iwas ready to go to Melbourne with my 1st husband everything sorted then my mum who was on her own after being divorced put the emotional blackmail so young and naive I chose to stay. Then guess what! 4years later she met my stepdad. You have do what is right for you and your family. My eldest is 28 having my 1st grandchild in July and yes it will be so hard , and my mum again says what about your grand child well this time I am thinking of myself and family as I have 2 other children 12 and 9 who want to go . Life is short and no one knows. I want to have tried than to never have .


      xx :) :)

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      In answer to your question about suburbs try suburb profiles @ domain.com.au
      Hope this helps


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      Re: crisis of confidence

      how selfish are your inlaws: i spoke to a couple months ago on a diffrent forum where the grand parents said you might as well kill us!! if you take our grand children away they are now in perth and loving it. do whats right for you

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      thanks all

      the support is appreciated. the suburbes site is good. and chippie can I forward your post to my in laws. I have to say the stella is also helping morgan. weather it will in the morning or not is a different matter.


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      It is very hard when you do not have the support of parents/in-laws and emotional blackmail is the worst. Be sure of your reasons for going as a family and though hard try not to let others get you to doubt yourself.

      Seek.com will give you lots of info on jobs and Google Earth is great for giving you a birds eye view of Adelaide and where suburbs are - you can even measure distances to get your bearings a bit!

      I have a friend that moved to Adelaide then back to the UK after family pressure. Once back here she realised she had made a mistake and is now back living in Adelaide happier than ever :D

      Next time they give you all the negatives explain why you are going and if all else fails grit your teeth, smile and have a very large drink when they have gone home :lol:


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      Stick with it, just think about the reasons you're moving. Both our families are very unsupportive and regularly drop suggestive comments that get us thinking and questioning our motives.

      We deal with it by going out for a walk looking what's around us and looking at how hard we work and what future we would like our children to have.

      We all have positive reasons for wanting the move
      just remind them why you're moving and then grit your teeth and crack open a bottle of nice Aussie wine, it works for us.

      Jane :D :D

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      Trev's parents didn't even come to the goodbye/good luck party my parents threw for us. I haven't spoken to them since, it's beyond me how they could not want to say goodbye to their son and granddaughters but they chose to stay away.

      Their loss.

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      Hi Again
      we have calmed down a little from last night(the stella helped)

      We are now just mad as flynn (whoever he was) and have come to the conclusion that they have always used emotional blackmail and most leapords dont change their spots.

      The posts have also helped reassure us and reinforce what we were thinking.

      We still feel a bit ity about taking the kids away from their grandparents but they dont see them much anyway.

      Thanks for the sites all useful.

      Thanks again


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      I had doubts about taking my daughters away from my dad as they saw him every week. As we were also the only family near him and he was in poor health, I decided that we wouldn't leave the UK while he was alive. We would apply for the visa if it came to it. In the end, he died earlier than I had expected.

      My sister and aunt are the only members of my family who know exactly when I am leaving the UK. I haven't told my brother or my mother anything about it (long story) and I may not. My in laws (worse than totally useless) haven't seen the kids in years and we lived 15 mins away (was never convenient when we asked if we could pop round with the kids so in the end we stopped asking) until our move in November. They don't know where we are in the UK never mind which continent we are on.

      I firmly believe it is your life adn you must do what is right for you and your family. Your parents did what they thought was right when ou were a child. Now with children of your own, your decision must be the right ones for you. Hope things are felling a bit better.



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