We left in Oct 2011 my eldest Adam had just completed his GCSE's with 6A* 5A's and 4 B's. we came to Adelaide and i couldn't afford to send them both at that time to private school so they both went public. Adam went to Christies Beach high School straight into year 12 SACE, he did excellent and won a scholarship to Adelaide University which he managed to defer until next year as we have to self fund. He is still at Christies doing a specialist math course as he wants to keep up with his studies. Christies is always slated on here and for us they have been very good. However my youngest son is in year 8 at Cardijn College, we are not Catholics, nor is Ethan pressured into any "religious" activity..

I think schools are a personal choice based on location, experiences, fees etc, we were not totally happy with Port Noarlunga Primary, but the Brits seem to be queuing up to send their kids there.