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      Skill select medicals link

      Can anyone let me know where I can find the link for the medicals documents and where I need to go to get the medicals done? The reason for asking was because I got my invitation to apply for my visa and after completing it and making my payment, I was provided with a link for each member of my family. However, none of the links worked. I have notified skills select, but have not heard back yet.

      And one other question, do skill select carry out a criminal check or is this another document I have to complete and submit?

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      You have to do your own c r b check it is a special immigration one and is 45. In regards to applying for medicals you need to have been given a transaction number by your CO. Until you have this number you will be unable to book your medicals. Once you have your medicals you can ring the medical assessment and fill in hard copies as opposed to doing it online. That is what we did. I am sure you have 28 days after being given the invitation to send off all your documents including your c r b but not the medicals. Hope this has been of some help to you. Good luck




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