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      Travel/Health Insurance for visit on subclass 457

      Hi Everyone,

      I am slightly confused about health insurance requirements and would appreciate it if somebody could point me in the right direction.
      I have recently been granted a subclass 457 visa and will start my new job in Adelaide in late September (that's also when I plan to move there).

      Now it turns out that I can come by for a week-long visit in June. Since I don't want to start the regular health insurance coverage (with Bupa) I have set up for the visa application I am trying to figure out what travel insurance will be sufficient for the short-term visit, i.e. does anyone know whether a regular travel insurance policy from say Insureandgo sufficient for the purpose ?


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      yes just treat it as a holiday and get hol insurance, ut you cant use holiday insurance to cover your one way trip when you move over. Your Bupa will not act as travel insurance either.
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