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      jill wright

      E-lodging 475 visa application???


      Have filled in application form online all but filling credit card details in. A question??? it says with the on line application there is a checklist but none as appeared yet the only checklist I can see is the one for paper applications??. Once I submit the application online do I then print it off with this checklist attached along with all certified copies of requested documents and send off hopefully to be tied up with e lodged application at the other side.

      I hope i'm not sounding too thick here


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      The Wise Family
      Hi Jill

      We applied on-line on the 9th november and found it quite straight forward. When you have finished they will give you a TRN number and a status page with all the documents they need from you. Like many of us you will soon find yourselves addicted to this status page for any updates from DIAC. Like when your medicals have been finalised or when your documents have changed to 'MET'. All that has changed on ours so far is the medicals but we think we are close to getting a case officer so hopefully it will update again soon.

      Hope this has helped a bit. Good luck with the application.

      Gina x

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      I did the online app as well. Once you get your TRN number as per your other reply and you log in you can you can send all your supporting documents electronically as well. If you do this you don't have to get everything notarised, you just need access to a scanner. There's instructions on resolutions etc so the files aren't too big on the page as well: http://www.immi.gov.au/e_visa/genera...ttachments.htm There's another link on that page to attach the documents. It was a bit laborious, but worth doing as you know then that everything is together. We haven't had our case officer allocated yet so I may still have work to do. If you go on to track the progress of your app there is a checklist when you log on.
      Hope that helps


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